Membership has its benefits!

Being a member of BSAG offers you more than just access to our award winning programs. Members also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Listing with links on our website
  • Access to member mixers and events to connect with other builders and industry leaders
  • Featured story on our newsletter as well as coverage on our Social Outlets
  • Representation though marketing materials at the many events we participate in during the year
  • Access to homeowners/buyers/and industry leaders though Sponsorship opportunities such as Solar Fest, our Green Home Tour,  SPARC party and the SA Next Lecture Series.

It is through members like you that we are able to continue to provide support and guidance to builders, contractors, and homeowners. Your membership dues allow us to continue our mission to keep green building and going solar within reach for everyone by keeping the options easy to navigate and by making green building as inexpensive and simple as possible. In addition, your support allows us to achieve ongoing success.  To date we have certified over 5200 homes, and won the NAHB 2014 award for “Advocate of the Year” in Green Building.

Ready to become a member?

Great! The membership process is easy. As of 2016 we have revised our membership to incorporate the Bring Solar Home program! We have revised the member levels to reflect this, here are our new levels:

Program Participant-

This level is right for you if you are planning to submit homes for certification or if you are a Solar Professional who wants to participate in the Bring Solar Home Lead Program. If you are a Solar Installer, Builder, Architect, or Energy Rater, this is level is you. (Please note that if you are a Solar Professional you will need to fill out and return both applications below. Also, being a program participant may require additional requirements and fees)

General Membership-

This level is for all of our contractors, vendors, and companies that will not be submitting projects for certification or participating in the Bring Solar Home Lead Program but who want to take part in the other benefits of being a member and support the important work we are doing in San Antonio.


This level is for any government or non-profit organization that is planning to work with us for either certification or for general support.


Know which level is right for you? Click the link to the membership application below. Download the application and return it to us. If you want to pay your annual membership fees with a credit card you can do so right here on this page. Just choose the appropriate level and follow the steps.

Time to Renew your membership?

Since we want to have the most up to date information on your business we ask that you still fill out the membership application. You will find a box marked “renewal” that you will check to let us know you are simply renewing your membership. And again, if you choose to pay your fees by credit card simply follow the process below.

If you have difficulty or questions about this process, please contact Jacob Eyer at or call us at 210-224-7278.

If you are a Solar Professional and have specific questions about the Bring Solar Home Program please contact Kate Rodriguez at or call us at 210-224-7278.

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